South West Community Energy Inc.

The purpose of the association are to protect and enhance the natural environment and increase environmental sustainability within the region by promoting and developing renewable sources of energy and significantly reducing the regions contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

What is Community Energy?

Community Energy is a concept where citizens own or participate in the production and/or use of sustainable energy. Nevertheless, there is no universally accepted definition and the term can mean different things in different contexts.

The term can embrace engagement and empowerment, self-sufficiency and local determination, or community awareness around energy issues. Alternatively, it may focus supporting and/or actively taking part in initiatives linked to energy efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

Community Energy may range from individual households to various forms of social enterprises, as well as public ownership by municipalities. The choice of form often relates to the interest or goal of the particular community, including but not limited to profit opportunities, special tax treatment, achieving energy autarky (self sufficiency), climate goals and community resilience.